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Five ways to make your garden centre promotions a success

Date Added: 03/01/2018

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As the UK’s leading pump top promotions company, we’ve been pioneering risk-free revenue-generating promotions for forecourt operators for over 30 years, becoming the biggest in the sector by being the best.

We supply more major oil companies and independent petrol retailers across the UK and Ireland than anyone else!

We’ve also managed to branch out to serve retail business in other sectors too.

Our success has allowed us to establish a keen reputation in many retail sectors, including the garden centre sector, and when executed well, these promotions can turnover thousands of pounds a year in risk-free revenue for our garden centre retail partners.

With our huge amount of experience and expertise, we’ve developed and fine-tuned our specialist knowledge to revolutionise the retail promotions sector, offering high-quality products from major brands and evidence-based insight and advice about consumer behaviour and customer service.

Here are five ways that working with DSL can help your garden centre business deliver the perfect promotional campaign:

Keep up with trends

The garden centre promotions sector is a fast-paced marketplace. With consumer habits and trends changing all the time, it’s important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to what’s on trend.

With the growing popularity of outdoor lighting in the garden, there’s never a better time to stock up on a suitable selection of garden LED lights and lanterns.

With a change in the seasons and the darker evenings creeping in, it’s important that customers have the right amount of ambient lighting in their gardens, helping them to enjoy the last few weeks they have left to spend outdoors.

Know your customers

It’s always key to focus on your bestsellers, which you know there will always be a market for.

But don’t forget to diversify your range and try new things. Today’s new products could be tomorrow’s bestsellers, so it’s important to offer a good mix of products in your promotional ranges to keep things fresh.

What about trying novelty items that kids would love, such as water balloons or bird watching equipment? Having these items dotted around the store can be great incentives parents can use to keep the kids quiet during a ‘dull’ trip to the garden centre.

Retail properly

You can’t run a promotion properly if it isn’t promoted appropriately. Make sure your POS, displays and merchandising are clear and prominent, guaranteeing products are displayed clearly in your outlets to give them the best chance of catching people’s attention.

Try placing items around till areas and entrances, enticing the customer to buy as a one-off purchase. Novelty items like door mats and small floor lights are the perfect choice for this.

Understand good customer service

Good customer service is key to the success of your promotion. It’s likely that your customers can buy a pair of sunglasses or bird seed from their local supermarket or a specialist store, but if you provide great customer service and a friendly personal touch, you’ll create loyalty and make them more likely to buy from you again.

Work with DSL

Working with a promotions expert like DSL is a fantastic way to guarantee success.

We are always on hand to advise you on which products to stock, the best places to stock them and provide you with all the professional help you may need to make your campaigns a success.

On top of this, you’ll also benefit from a dedicated account manager, who’ll be on hand to provide advice whenever you need it.

To find out how to become a DSL partner in success, get in touch today.