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Five great products to make your tech promotion a success

Date Added: 22/09/2017

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As the UK’s leading pump top promotions company, we have been pioneering risk-free revenue-generating promotions for forecourt operators for more than 30 years, becoming the biggest in the sector by being the best.

This has enabled us to build on that success and establish a keen reputation in other retail sectors.

One of the main reasons for our success is our ability to stay ahead of market trends and spot the products which drive impulse buying behaviour.

Mobile and handheld technology continues to advance, so having a good selection of the latest gadgets and accessories is a must.

Our own range of In Tech-branded products is geared towards this particular market segment.

We offer quality mobile and technology gadgets and accessories at an extremely competitive price point, along with expert evidence-based insight and advice about consumer behaviour, outstanding customer service and a no-quibble ‘sale or return’ guarantee on all the promotions we supply, which means our retail partners can’t lose.

Here are five great products to get you started:

IN Tech® four-in-one charger – Regardless of the make or model of your customers’ handsets, this handy in-car charger connects with a wide array of smartphones for charging on the go.

It’s compatible with 30-pin devices such as iPhone 4, Touch and Nano, and second/third generation iPads; eight-pin lightning connectors like iPhone 5/5C/6, Touch 5, iPad 4 and iPad Air; micro- USB devices from Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Nexus and other popular tablets and mini-USB devices from Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, LG, Nokia, along with many older sat nav devices and MP3 players. You’d be surprised how many people leave home without their charger and need one of these while they’re on the move, making it an essential must-stock for your tech promotion.

IN Tech® multiport USB adapter – Staying with the charging theme, this handy little gadget is a practical life hack which will help your customers solve the problem of having too many devices that need charging at home, but not enough plugs or chargers to go round.

It allows people to charge up to six devices at any one time. Versatile, convenient and reliable, all the users need to is plug in their USB 2.0 devices and relax.

IN Tech® three-in-one universal camera lens – This pocket-sized mobile gadget clips on to the camera of most smartphones and enhances the pictures the device can take.

Again, it’s a perfect impulse buy because it’s small, inexpensive and works perfectly with something that the majority of your customers will be carrying around with them every day.

IN Tech® magnetic smartphone holder – Mobile phone accessories is an extremely popular impulse category, particularly in the forecourt sector, where drivers will be tempted by a gadget or piece of kit that they need on the move, and our magnetic smartphone holder provides just that.

Easy to install with no tools required, it provides sturdy support and 360° rotation for the user’s smartphone so they can use apps such as navigation or dash cam while they are on the move. Also works to hold sat navs in place on the user’s dashboard.

IN Tech® charge and sync cables – Whether you’re dealing with iPhone junkies or Android addicts, you’ll be surprised by how many of your customers leave home without a charging cable, have lost it altogether, or need a spare for the car or work.

DSL can help you tap into this lucrative product segment with a range of cables which connect both with Apple lightning or micro-USB devices. All cables are one-metre long, come in a range of colours, are manufactured, designed and packaged to a high standard and are available at a fraction of the cost of officially-licensed products from the device manufacturers.

The key to running the perfect pump-top or in-store tech promotion is giving your customers what they want, keeping ahead of the curve in terms of the products you stock and diversifying to try new things as trends and tastes change and technology evolves.

There’s also no point running a promotion if it’s not promoted properly, so make sure your POS, displays and merchandising are clear and prominent.

Working with a retail promotions expert like DSL is a sure-fire way to guarantee success and maximise the risk-free returns on your promotions.

We can advise you on which products to stock, the best places to stock them, provide all the professionally-produced POS collateral you need to make your campaigns a success and support them with innovative regional and national marketing campaigns to make them stand out from the crowd.

We can also draw on more than 30 years’ experience, insight and understanding of consumer buying behaviour, as well as keeping you up-to-date on current and future market trends so you can choose your products accordingly.

You dedicated account manager will also be on hand to provide advice whenever you need it and we can arrange for refills and the removal of unsold stock on a sale or return basis to take all the risk out of running a promotion with DSL.

To find out how to become a DSL partner in success, get in touch today.